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We are at it again folks ….. Radio Aire are requesting 500 faces of Leeds and West Yorkshire to help create a litle competition between the 500 people and organisations to help raise funds for Cash for Kids. This campaign lasts the whole year and will include all our usual yearly events like – Super Hero Day, Cake Making Day and not forgetting Mission Christmas.

We are asking everyone – to follow the link and donate a POUND – More if you can !…. Please click on GIFT AID but dont be anonymous- your helping children of Leeds and West Yorkshire – the children need you.

We have some amazing friends, family, parents, children, colleagues, local companies, local villagers, that we count on for our many campaigns throughout the year for Cash for Kids and this is no exception.

Please when your out save that couple of pounds that you were going to spend on that cup of Skinny Latté or Hot Chocolate with all the marshmelloes on top, drive here to Buttercup Lane Childminders, donate your couple of quid to us for Cash for Kids and we will make you that drink and you can have a piece of cake to go with it, or if you cant wait until then please use the link below to go to our funding page and donate there, dont worry its totally safe, please make sure you leave your name and leave a little message.


Thank you   and dont forget to use     #Aire500Faces


We are Face 29 of 500 for Radio Aire - Cash for Kids

We are Face 29 of 500 for Radio Aire – Cash for Kids

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