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!! Urgent News – Bridge Closure !!

Just in time for return to school.

As some of you may be aware but this is for our wonderful customers that don’t live in the village and travel to us here at  Buttercup Lane Childminders :  the Bridge just before our estate  is closing for essential improvement works. It will only be accessible to pedestrians and cyclists, so if you travel by car/bus/van  you will have to either come down Common Lane ( the road near Country Baskets ) or via Thorpe Lane and across the motorway.  There are also some restrictions on these routes whilst the maintenance is been carried out.

The work is due to start 8th August and scheduled to be completed 22nd December 2016, just in time for Christmas  – fingers crossed that the work will run as schedule.

The work itself has to be accessed via the waste land just off Meadowside Road ( the main road into the estate ) so there will also be major disruption here too.

Obviously we have no control over any of this and we are expecting the worst. We have been informed that some of the work has to be carried out when the trains are not running or in other words throughout the night. We just know that this means very loud machinery throughout the night, we experience this about once a year for about a week  or two during the summer and it really takes its toll because if you can sleep is very restless so we are not looking forward to sleepless nights for months on end.

School Collections – We will continue to work as we are doing presently but please be mindful that there will be more travel time between the two schools we serve and our home especially as the whole of the estate will be forced down Moor Knoll Lane and around the back roads.  It may prove to continue to walk from East Ardsley Primary School even when the weather is less favourable.

Your Journeys – Please add more time for yourselves getting to and from us – its sure to be chaos.

If you need directions just ask. xx

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