Lia and Karl have been responsible for looking after our daughter for a number of years now. She is 6 and started going there from the age of 3. As a whole family, we quickly grew to love this amazing couple and their own family to feel like an extension of our own. They are very easy to work with, helpful, flexible, thoughtful, great fun, approachable even on sensitive topics, and always seem to go the extra mile. The amount of places they go to on day trips is relentless and is testiment to their fine patience and wonderful get up and go approach. This week we will be sending our son for the first time as he follows in his sisters footsteps on what is sure to be a similar journey of adventures, games, daytrips and ultimate quality alround childcare. They genuinely are the complete package and leave you confident that your kids are comfortable, well fed, well looked after, happy and above all safe and sound. If you are a prospect deciding who to use, do not hesitate, go here. This couple and their own great kids have played a hugely important role in the development of our young family. Buttercup was a fantastic find and we are delighted to class Lia and Karl as part of our personal network of friends both professionally and socially.

August 2015