Mr & Mrs Dobson
Our daughter who is now 18 months old attends Buttercup Lane Childminders and has done since the age of 10 months.
At first my daughter was unsure of all the other children as she hadn’t spent a day without her mum and dad by her side. Lia and Karl made her feel very welcome and spent time with her one on one to build her confidence to interact with others and to trust Lia and Karl.
10 months on and our daughter is a different child, She loves to see her friends and becomes very excited when I ask if sh wants to go to Lia’s. Her speech has come on in leaps and bounds and she learns new words daily. Sje waves goodbye to me and is very happy to stay in the company of Lia or Karl.
On a daily basis we receive a lovely written log of what our daughter has eaten and what activities she has done. We also receive regular pictures of her out and about exploring with her friends, always with smiles on their faces. This re-assures me to know how much fun my little girl is having whilst we have to work.
Buttercup Lane childminders are very keen to get parents involved in their childs developmentand encourages us to put in place any areas we would like them to assist us with. Whether its trying different types of foods , holding a knife and fork, potty training & learning words. Buttercup Lane are more than happy to work with parents and progress our child’s development.
Our daughter is a very outdoor person and loves to explore. Lia immediately picked up on this and spends many hours outdoors with her allowing and teaching her about the environment and animals.
I have no doubt in saying how well cared for the children at Buttercup Lane Childminders. It is very family orientated and the child’s needs are always first.
Lia is always in contact and reassures me everything is ok, If I send a text or make a call.
We have a very strong relationship with Buttercup Lane Childminders but more importantly so does our daughter.
Her development is going from strength to strength and I hope this continues in the years to come.
Many thanks to Lia and Karl for making leaving our child much easier and reassuring she is with people who care for her.
Mr and Mrs Dobson