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Come on Get involved ! We Buttercup Lane Childminders have fully pledged our support and joined “we are child friendly leeds”
We already know that Leeds is the best city in the UK – but we want to make Leeds “the best child friendly city in the UK”.
Leeds…A child friendly city where all children are valued, supported, enjoy growing up and look forward to a brighter future!
Our City is putting young people first.

Leeds City Council have listened to thousands of young voices to find our what is important to the younng people of Leeds and they have
come up with a TOP 12 wish list they feel will make Leeds a child friendly city.

To find out more about The 12 Wishes and child friendly leeds follow the links.

Did you know that the United Nations have a Convention on the Rights of the Child – As childminders in the community understanding and applying these rights are paramount to supporting each child in our care. Every single Right listed in the convention is supported by child friendly leeds but as childminders there are a number that stand out
Right 3. All who work with children should work towards what is best for the child.
Right 12. Children have a right to an opinion in adult decisions which affect them, their opinion should be taken seriously.
Right 23. Children with a disability should get special care and support so they can lead full and indepentent lives.
Right 28. Children have the right to an education.
Right 31. Children have the right to play.

We wonder how many people know Right 42. The government should make the convention known to all adults, children and young people.

If you want to find out how we adopt all the practices into our home and setting here at Buttercup Lane Childminders speak to either Karl or Lia.
If you want to find out more detail about child friendly leeds follow the link above or call 0113 395 0247

Making Leeds a child friendly city

child friendly leeds