A true partnership is very important and we believe in working together. We know a successful relationship with parents is important because our actions whilst working together has an effect on your child’s development.

We naturally encourage an open discussion culture were we can exchange information openly and frankly with parents. Our relationships are built on trust and honesty and we hope to gain a complete understanding of our relations hopefully creating and making the perfect partnership.

Working in partnership with parents ensures effective communications and brings parents contributions to their children’s learning journals.

Once you have signed a contract and reserved your place at Buttercup Lane Childminders we start to plan an induction, the initial induction period allows your child to settle into our environment, we arrange a number of visits  to let your child experience what we have to offer and introduce the daily routines and most importantly start to build a relationship with your child and will naturally start parental contribution from the outset.

We have found that the induction period allows the parents to discuss their child’s routine in some depth and gives both parties the opportunity to make adjustments.

The induction period also allows us gather all the esential information we will require to look after your child effectively.

We ask all parents to prepare a booklet with photos and descriptions about their child’s likes and dislikes and all important routines such as special eating requirements and sleep patterns.  Using these methods have allowed all our children to settle into our home very quickly indeed.

The booklet then forms the start of each child’s Learning and Development Journal. This is used to display observations made of each child and to map their development using the Early Years Framework. We openly encourage parents to contribute to the Learning Journal for their child with observations from home this makes for a very effective two way forum and brings both parties together creating the perfect working partnership.