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Its been a very busy couple of months since the Summer Holiday. Today we have just completed a Training Course on “Developing Effective Training and Interaction”  A fresh approach to existing practices “Sustained Shared Thinking” .

Out with the old and in with the new, Our beloved funbus ( 1st Generation )  has very sadly become Beyond Ecomonic Repair and we have replaced it with a shiny new one ( 2nd Generation ) at this moment in time it has not got any signs on it but we will get it done , we are also awaiting documentation from DVLA for the private registration plate  swap as we know that everyone looks at the number plate for us.

Fall Lane bridge is still out of action but they are moving swiftly and it all appears to be on time. Strong word of caution though and that is that people are running the RED LIGHTS at the junction at the top and ignoring the fact that the pedestrian crossing is still in use.  The maintanance team have bridge cameras now so hopefully the quilty will soon be getting warning letters.

Its now the time of year were we focus our efforts on Radio Aires – Cash for Kids – Mission Christmas 2016 Campaign, please watch social media for updates as we are once again East Ardsleys local drop off point, Anyone wanting to donate can ring us as well and we will collect your donations from you to help support local unpriviledged children in Leeds and surrounding areas.  Any further charity information can be found at Radio Aire’s website, you can see our Ambassadors page by clicking here.

December Update and photos on Mission Christmas will be posted just before christmas,   – its its too early to wish you all a Merry Christmas !

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