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Wow , what an exciting way to end the Year, 2016 was a RUSH .. from start to finish. December saw lots of our normal Christmas related festivities and activities, Lotherton was brilliant this year as was Our Winter visit to Sundown it was ever so magical and ALL the children including us had our special bookings with the big man himself. Santa Clause was amazing although there are TWO very disappointed gentlemen as we asked if both Graham and Karl were getting bikes this Christmas , Graham a new Triathalon Speed Racer and Karl a motorbike to which his answer was a pretty resounding NO, more or less said that we had to try harder for nexr year…. BAH HUMBUG !!!

Mission Christmas 2016 Cash for Kids Charity was another huge success and together with our wonderful Customers, Neighbours, Friends, Family, Fellow childminders, East Ardsleyians, STAX PLC, Abraham Moons & Sons, Morrisons at Junction 41,  Adelios of Morley, Neighbours of the Meadowside Estate we collected and donated around £2100 worth of presents and £173 in cash, This is another fantastic year and we are really proud to be part of Cash for Kids as we hold this charity and the worth while cause very close to our hearts, We look after children for a living and thinking that there are children in this world yet alone Leeds and Wakefield that do not get the chance to open ONE SINGLE CHRISTMAS PRESENT in 2016 is HEART BRAKING. Have a look at the Radio Aire Cash for Kids pages for more details and check out the heart wrenching videos too.  Together we helped create a magical special christmas for 23,396  children, this is something that we can ALL be proud about.

We have lots of things planned for 2017 and we will make sure that we acheive our goals and targets, everyone learns through experience and every day will be an education that is Fun Fun Fun !

Fall Lane Bridge is Still out of action and the projected completion date is the 28th January, although there are muted rumours already that Seymour will miss this target too, so please please please be careful as the roads just seem so dangerous even more so this year, especially when its very cold as water seems to gather near the traffic lights making it very slippery (icey) when you not expecting it,

We wish everyone a very Prosperous New Year – lets make 2017 a happy one, We have families moving into new homes, more babies on the way, New jobs for some, old jobs for others, we also have nursery children moving up to year one and some of the older children will be moving up to high schools for its certainly going to be exciting 2017 for most, lets all stay safe and enjoy the year ahead.

Its time to start thinking ahead for the school holidays especially the Summer one, we have all ready had some bookings so plan your break and get your bookings in early.

Our Number plate has been transferred onto the new FUNBUS…… we are awaiting the signage for the windows.

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