Mini Snooker Gane
This game is great when driving in your car and everyone gets enjoyment out of it. Everyone loves Minis and they come in all different colours – they are easy to recognise and everyone will be screaming “MINI – Blue – Black – Brown” or what ever.
The rules are simple enough and even our child minding kids are picking it up, teaching them colours and obviously helps them count and add up so it really helps with their mathematics without them even realising it.
When you spot a mini you have to Shout “Black Mini” or whatever colour it is. If you get the colour wrong its ok as long as no one else shouts the correct colour before you do then you will still keep the points.  The winner is the one at the end of your journey ( or DAYS TRAVEL – Holiday period ) with the most points.
Red Mini    1 Point
Yellow Mini    2 Points
Green Mini    3 Points
Brown Mini    4 Points
Blue Mini    5 Points
Pink Mini     6 Points
Black Mini     7 Points
Silver or Grey Mini     4 Points
Gold Mini    25 Points ( Has to be gold and not Yellow )
White Mini     -4 Points ( Points to be deducted )

Any other colour mini shouted results in 4 Points.
There are loads of White Minis about and when there is a car full, its a real laugh when somebody shouts White Mini as they then have the points deducted, even the best players at mini snooker fall foul to the white mini rule.
We have also adapted this slightly by adding if you see a VW Beetle with a Herbie 53 badge on it – if you shout HERBIE, you gain 53 points, There are a few of these around and it just adds another dimension to long games.
A couple more Rules that are important.
When you play regular you will know where people park their cars, you can’t really have the same mini twice in one day just because you drive passed it going in the opposite direction. Dads will always drive around different ways and pass the same mini thinking no one will know.
Someone else has got to see the mini to qualify the points. As you shout “ Red Mini” everyone (apart from the driver)  looks in the direction that your looking at but on occasions it might be tucked away or up a side street, we decided very early on that someone else has GOT TO SEE THE MINI before the points are awarded, this discourages cheating, ( most popular with Dads again )
And that’s it – Have fun !