Aidan had been to nursery before starting at Buttercup Lane and, although he had made good progress, he didn’t like going to nursery at all.  He was entirely different about Buttercup Lane from the first time we visited; he loved it and has always loved going.  This seemed to improve his learning too.  Whether it was the fun, his enjoyment, the variety of children of other ages, the vast variety of activities or just a combination of it all along with Karl and Lia’s superb approach, we couldn’t say, but it certainly worked for Aidan.


The primary consideration had to be Aidan and that’s what Buttercup Lane is all about; the main focus is entirely on the children. 

We simply don’t know where they find the time and energy to plan, prepare and deliver such excellent continuous, consistent, excellent care.  Everything was perfect for Aidan; the care, the learning and the atmosphere.  He’s developed exceptionally as a result.  All of this is thanks to Karl and Lia.  Aidan was always coming home with things that he’d done or made whilst at Buttercup Lane and talking about all the places he’d been and things he’d discovered.


Karl and Lia were also very flexible when we needed to make any changes and very accommodating of anything that we needed in respect of Aidan’s care.


Unfortunately, moving home has made continuing at Buttercup Lane impossible.  However, the strongest endorsement that we can give is that Aidan would have definitely kept going if we hadn’t have moved house.  Our new childminder has said that Aidan’s record from Buttercup Lane is the best that she’s ever seen and everything that you see and get there reflects just how excellent it is in every way.  There’s just something extra-special there and everything that Karl and Lia have done for Aidan and for us is incredible.


Both Karl and Lia are fantastic at what they do and as people.  We are pleased that they consider us friends too and hope that continues for a very long time.