On the first visit to meet Lia and Karl our daughter liked them straight away which was a good sign for us. On our second visit she wanted to go again and Karl remembered what toys she had played with on the first visit, which was great. She played again with Karl and seemed very happy.

She started a new nursery school at the same time as starting at a new childminders so there was a lot of change for her. Both Lia and Karl helped her settle in and she began to look forward to going. She told us one day “Lia loves me” which showed us that she knows they care for the children they look after.

She always seems to have fun with Lia and Karl, she loves that they sing in the car with Lia, loves baking with Karl (she calls him chef Karl), loves to play with their animals and playing out in the garden or going for walks. There always seems to be something fun going on for the children and in school holidays she loves the days out – she told us all about their day at Tropical World for weeks afterwards and thought it was marvellous.

We love to see the photos of what our little girl does when she is with Lia and Karl, it shows us again how much fun she has. There are always lots of photos of her laughing and smiling. It is lovely as a parent to get updates by text too, for example when they went on the big wheel Lia sent me a message telling me what they were doing that day so I knew they’d be having fun. Lia also used to send me messages when our daughter was initially settling in, so if we did have a few tears first thing I would set off for work and after a few minutes I’d hear my phone go, and it was always a message from Lia saying not to worry, she’d settled and was fine. I really appreciated this, it was great to be reassured this way.

Lia and Karl were a great support to us when our son was born, they were very flexible and more than willing to help where they could, for example coming to pick up our daughter rather than us having to drop off, which made it easier for us. Again this was greatly appreciated.

We have found them to be very approachable, down to earth, friendly people. We feel very comfortable with them but more importantly our little girl does and that means so much to us. We couldn’t recommend them more.

Judi Clements and Steven Watson