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After months and months of endless diversions and car weaving in and out, reckless people going through red lights, setting off 10 minutes early for every journey – ( just like everyone else ) fuel bills increasing, other hazzardous driving at LONG LAST Its Open…… FALL LANE BRIDGE opened today and we were one of the first few to drive over it. Everyone local is over joyed with the results as it looks really impressive and most importantly SAFE.  We as one of the first few residents on the Meadowside Estate have waited 10 years for this …… Bloor homes promised us that it would be reworked within 3 months of us moving in ( but thats a different conversation.

Even though the bridge is open and it will save on time and money please remain careful as some drivers will forget and STILL DRIVE THROUGH RED LIGHTS, the signs in Thorpe and down Fall Lane saying “Road Closed at Bridge” are still in place and we think they will be removed at some point during the next few weeks.


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BCLCM - one of the first vehicles to drive over Fall Lane Railway Bridge

BCLCM – one of the first vehicles to drive over     Fall Lane Railway Bridge

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