We have a comprehensive range of policies and procedures to ensure high quality childcare. Our policies are discussed with parents during their initial meetings and through their childs induction period.

We do not authorise the copying of any content of our documentation.
Our policies are a set of guidelines that we have created to follow in certain situations. It means writing down ways of working and sharing them with parents and childcare inspectors. Policies can help us develop and reflect on our childminding practice.

The policies covered are:

Working with parents
(a)    Contract and Records
(b)    Communication with Parents
(c)    Ofsted Inspections
(d)    Parental Contribution & Involvement
Child protection
(e)    Positive discipline
(f)    Encourage appropriate behaviour
(g)    House rules
(h)    Children guided away
Equal opportunities
Emergency or accident.
if a child is lost or goes missing
if a child is not collected.
Parental Permissions
Safeguarding Children
Outings Policy
Equal Inclusion
Illness and infectious diseases
Food and Drink Policy
(a)    Mealtimes
Alcohol and Medical Drugs
Risk Assessments
Use of Crèches
Health and Safety
(a)    Fireplan

A policy is meant to be a working document and should be reviewed regularly in line with new developments, changes to the way you work and statutory changes, we plan to revise all policy documents at regular 12 monthly intervals.

We have the welfare, care and education of the children we look after at the centre of our policies.