Re Autumn & Raine Dobson

Autumn has attended Buttercup Lane since 2011 and has recently left due to starting school. Raine joined in April 2013.

Both my girls love attending Buttercup Lane and Autumn’s found it difficult to comprehend leaving all her friends. She has learnt so much in the past two years which can be seen in her confidence and work at school.

Raine who is only 9 months old has settled in very well and a parents dream when you say goodbye and she waves back with smiles, so I know she is happy and having lots of fun.

The work and effort that goes in from Lia & Karl is unreal. Their commitment to the children is undoubtedly more than can be imagined. The focus is the children and no-one else. It is rare that they are in the house playing games, they are always out and about, learning and having an adventure.

Lia & Karl are a credit to social care. I trust them fully with my children and I only have to look at them to know they are in the best care possible.

Before finding Buttercup we looked at many childminders and private nurseries but noone came close to Buttercup Lane. You just have to meet them and look at photographs of the children to know they are a higher class of childcare.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lia & Karl for all their effort and providing an exceptional service.

Mr & Mrs Dobson

Orrell Grove, Leeds