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Please can all parents make sure all children have Suncream with them please.

The sun has got its hat on – Hip Hip Hip Horray, the sun has got his hat on and the Kids are coming out to play .

Suncream, Hats, baggy T shirts with long sleeves for protection please !

This week is going to be a hot one ( getting cooler towards the weekend )

Oh yes and Friday is SuperHero Day – dust your capes off and fly ….Collecting donations all week for Cash For Kids !!

Come on Get involved ! We Buttercup Lane Childminders have fully pledged our support and joined “we are child friendly leeds”
We already know that Leeds is the best city in the UK – but we want to make Leeds “the best child friendly city in the UK”.
Leeds…A child friendly city where all children are valued, supported, enjoy growing up and look forward to a brighter future!
Our City is putting young people first.

Leeds City Council have listened to thousands of young voices to find our what is important to the younng people of Leeds and they have
come up with a TOP 12 wish list they feel will make Leeds a child friendly city.

To find out more about The 12 Wishes and child friendly leeds follow the links.

Did you know that the United Nations have a Convention on the Rights of the Child – As childminders in the community understanding and applying these rights are paramount to supporting each child in our care. Every single Right listed in the convention is supported by child friendly leeds but as childminders there are a number that stand out
Right 3. All who work with children should work towards what is best for the child.
Right 12. Children have a right to an opinion in adult decisions which affect them, their opinion should be taken seriously.
Right 23. Children with a disability should get special care and support so they can lead full and indepentent lives.
Right 28. Children have the right to an education.
Right 31. Children have the right to play.

We wonder how many people know Right 42. The government should make the convention known to all adults, children and young people.

If you want to find out how we adopt all the practices into our home and setting here at Buttercup Lane Childminders speak to either Karl or Lia.
If you want to find out more detail about child friendly leeds follow the link above or call 0113 395 0247

Making Leeds a child friendly city

child friendly leeds

At Buttercup Lane Childminders – we have another 3 new children. What a week it has been. We cannot wait until we are firing on all cylinders – we have so many fun and exciting things planned , so we welcome Aiden, Jake and Abi to our extended family.

Buttercup Lane Childminders are commited to delivering exception child care to each and every child with in our care. We focus on each childs interests and we introduce new activities for all, keeping learning fresh and most importantly fun. We construct the “scaffolding” and we let the children use their own ideas to build their knowledge and experience everything that they need as individuals to further their development.

This week we have been on two training courses. These were very interesting and we have learnt a great deal to support our child care.

The Characteristics of Effective Learning

Autism & Aspergers Awareness

24th to the 30th June is Child Safety week, Here at Buttercup Lane we have the ideas booklet and we will be making this week a complete fun filled weeek we have lots of activities planned already and we will be having a totally amazing time.

We will be having a SUPER HERO DAY were we all need to be dressed as your favourite action heros – so getting planning now.
For more details check out Child Safety Week

Your child carers are supporting Child Safety Week

Child Safety week at Buttercup Lane Childminders in East Ardsley

Don’t forget that your clocks go forward tonight for British summer times- today we have had rain sleet snow and sunshine but we are now in BST it’s totally crazy but it true . . . Clocks go forward On my way! Hour

“When ever I picked him up he always had a huge smile on his face and I could tell he’d had a wonderful time.”

Read all of this Wonderful Childminders review

We now have spaces for all ages at Buttercup Lane Childminders as Karl is now full time. Please call for further details 01924 691685 or 07770877899. Flexible hours of work and school drop offs and collections.

Another kind wonderful Letter uploaded today on the Testimonial Section of the Web Site.

Everyones Kind words mean so much

Thank You
Buttercup Lane Childminders

Its Sophie’s Birthday on the 22nd so everyone is wishing her a very happy birthday and we hope she gets everything she wishes for, although I don’t think One Direction have ever heard of East Ardsley so we dont think they are coming to help blow out all her birthday candles.

Childminders Birthday Wishes

Wishing Sophie a happy Birthday from One Direction and Buttercup Lane Childminders

“Happy Birthday to You”
“Happy Birthday to You”
“Happy Birthday Dear S-o-p-h-i-e”
“Happy Birthday to You”

Lots of love Karl, Lia, Isla, Kaia and Poppy, Oakley , Kiev and Bhuna !!!!!!