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Jan 2018 Update   … Happy New Year.

Well what an end to a year …… 2017 towards the end was a thrill a minute.

We had Leavers, New Starters, finished our Cash for Kids 500 faces campaign in 5th position with £802.09 & helped 25 553 children as part of #missionchristmas.

Our December brought the usual Christmas activities and festivities especially as the Schools finished early this year.

Peoples circumstances change all the time and we had some real tear jerking moments through the year when saying Goodbye to some of our little “Buttercups”, its never easy and to be honest, it the worst part of been in childcare. We are sure you have heard us say on many occasions “Once a Buttercup Always a Buttercup” and this is so true.   When you finish one chapter of a book you start the next and with the close of the gate, it opens again and our extended family grows even larger, with just as much thrills and excitement. We have some wonderful things plans for 2018 and hopefully we can bring our Buttercups past and present all together in a couple of large events.

We finished the year in 5th place overall in the Radio Aires 500 faces , after running in 2nd and 3rd (and 1st for a while ) for most of the year we slipped to the still very respectable 5th position with a grand total of £802.09, this was raised with all the help from our wonderful parents and friends ( Special Mentions at the Bottom )

Mission Christmas 2017 turned out to be one of the most upsetting ever, we had some heart felt real life stories this Christmas that are really upsetting but peoples generosity at a time of hurting was simply overwhelming and that is the spirit of what Mission Christmas is all about. With the help AGAIN of Parents, Neighbours, Friends, Family, Fellow childminders, East Ardsleyians, Friends of Thorpe, STAX PLC, Abraham Moons & Sons,  Adelios of Morley, Neighbours of the Meadowside Estate, Tingley and surrounding areas we collected and donated around 3500 presents, we cant even start to put an estimate of the overall value.

We have registered again for #500faces and we are #2, lets hope we have another successful year.

30 Hours Free Childcare has proved to be a little troublesome especially as LCC had some technical difficulties with their system, hopefully as of LATE JAN all their problems should be sorted out and we will see how NEXT TERM (Summer 2018 ) runs, Get your Codes into us quickly please. If you believe that you qualify for FEEE Funding and/or currently are not Registered for CHOICES, speak to us about it, we can help you.

We hope everyone has a Wonderful 2018 and we all stay in good health.

Love to all Karl and Lia xx

2018 logo

Well ………. Schools Out for Summer

We made it and the Summer holiday period is here, we have an action packed Summer planned so please if you want or need any childcare or extra days please just call. 9th July was Kirkstall Festival and we had a blast running a stall to raise funds for our wonderful Radio Aires – Cash for Kids Charity. ( Do you know that we have recently been made Ambassadors  – check us out ) We had prizes, books, bottles, doughnuts and cakes & buscuits on our stall but the star prize that one lucky winner could walk away with was a Helicopter Flight. We raised some much needed money for Cash for Kids but as the Star Prize Ticket was not pulled out so we ran a blind auction, lots of bids came in and one person from Tingley was the lucky winner with a winning bid of £50. We cant publish the name yet as they are on holiday and its a present for a family member.

Check out the Breeze Festivals in the Summer Holidays  where our fellow Ambassadors from Leeds City Councils – Child friendly Leeds will be present at all events. Please note that the East Ardsley Breeze has been MOVED to Blackgates this year – so hopefully it will be larger and attract more people.

We have planned our fun and exciting trips out this year and based the locations on the interests of our Buttercup family, they will not be dissappointed. Flights, Chocolate, Films, Sand, Sea & Mountains, Farmers, Tunnels, Animals and Wildlife & lots and lots of water –  are all included so lets see where our Fun Bus takes us away, but dont forget that our great British weather is really unpredictable so its Wellies and Sun Tan Cream all the way.

Its very exciting here at the moment with New Starters as well as children moving up through the years at school, some moving to reception and nursery, but as always to go with the great there is always some bad news….. One of our Buttercups is leaving due to moving homes. Its a very sad time when we have to say “goodbye” but we know that there will always be places in our home & our hearts for all our Buttercups no matter how old you are ……  and everyone is welcome to come and visit anytime.

Its mega busy with Holidays –  Birthday Parties & Proms, young and old are in their best gear and looking beautiful to party the afternoons, evening and sometimes if we are lucky the night times too. Our very own Lia celebrated her big 40 in June …. Think she is taking the celebrations to the extreme as we have at least things to do in the next 6 months to keep an eye out for her updates.

Stay Safe this summer and think ahead – its only 6 or so weeks until school starts …………. oh yes and its only  21 weeks until CHRISTMAS !

Love to all xx



Please can all parents make sure all children have Suncream with them please.

The sun has got its hat on – Hip Hip Hip Horray, the sun has got his hat on and the Kids are coming out to play .

Suncream, Hats, baggy T shirts with long sleeves for protection please !

This week is going to be a hot one ( getting cooler towards the weekend )

Oh yes and Friday is SuperHero Day – dust your capes off and fly ….Collecting donations all week for Cash For Kids !!

We smashed it ! Mission Christmas 2015

Thank you to everyone that helped us !!!! Customers ( our Friends ) , Lloyds Westbank, Morrison Junction 41,Telescope Studios, Stax Trade Centers Morley, Friends and Neighbours, Abraham Moon & Sons, Families, East Ardsley School, Rodillian School, the communities of East Ardsley, Thorpe, Middleton, Batley, West Ardsley, Lofthouse, Dewsbury, Morley, Tingley, Woodkirk, Robin Hood also Meadowside Estate, JJB, Made in Leeds & Leeds Rhinos that helped and supported us – supporting Radio Aires : Cash for Kids Mission Christmas 2015 what a staggering number of children that we have helped to bring a little Christmas cheer to give them a smile on their Faces on Christmas morning ! All we can say is thank you and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !xxxxxxx love to all xxxxxxxx

In total we helped 22,145 children in Leeds and West Yorkshire have a Christmas that without our help – they would not of had ONE SINGLE PRESENT this Christmas

2015 Mission Christmas - Buttercup Lane Childminders

All the donations collected by us at Buttercup Lane Childminders

Donations at East Ardsley Drop off point Cash for Kids - Childminders Buttercup Lane

Buttercup Lane Childminders Mission Christmas 2015 supporting Cash for Kids – Radio Aire



Please follow link for more details on Cash for Kids : http://www.radioaire.co.uk/charity/

I challenge anyone to listen to this and not be upset with how passionate Lisa the Charity Manager is.

Please donate to any of the Approved Drop Off Points ( THATS US ) or

text AIRE to 70808 to Donate £5

Thank you xx

2014 Mission Christmas was a huge success here at  “Buttercup Lane Childminders – East Ardsley”

We raised a huge £1200 worth of presents and donations. Thanks to all that contributed .

See pictures here.

Listen to Karls Interview with Radio Aires Scott Makin for this years Mission Christmas – Cash for Kids campaign 2014 .

Tomorrow is SUPER HERO DAY !!

There is something very special happenning tomorrow here at luchtime and we can’t wait for the excitement – We are literally bursting with joy !!

Buttercup Lane Childminders In East Ardsley are going the extra mile to help Cash for Kids – Radio Aire !


Update to follow !!!!