We have lots of activities that are structured around the Ofsted Standards . This is where the full list of our categories will appear and what standards (groups) our activities belong to. Most activities fall into multiples of activities to ensure a varied learning process.

Sensory play – includes Sandbox, Wellington boot printing, smells and tastes, sounds and sound making, snakes in jelly, insects in jelly, slimy bug spaghetti, rose petals, printing with spaghetti and fruit and vegetables, discovery tubes, mirrors, discover bottles, different materials touch and feel, shaving foam play, bubbles, coloured water, sparkle dough and soaps, scented play-dough I.e. cinnamon / coffee / marzipan / mint etc etc

Discovery play – includes materials and ribbons, pipe cleaner threading, pebbles and stones and shells, pouring and scooping, measuring and weighing, straws, stacking, sorting, magnetic objects, ICT play, rolling play.

Arts & Crafts – includes cookie cutter printing, letter and number collages, foam and card flower making, paper mâché, story boxes, window art, play dough making, painting with cars and objects, spaghetti threading and painting, pipe cleaner painting, salt dough decorations, card making, fork scrape painting, wool weaving and lots and lots more.

Treasure Baskets / heuristic play – includes wood, acorns, feathers, leafs, sand, water, shells, cardboard, metal play touch and feel and other natural objects.

Imaginary and role play – includes doctors / dentist / vets surgery, post office, cafes and picnics, construction site, puppet theatre, people who help us ( emergency services )

Outdoor Play – includes Parks, muddy puddles, kicking and crunching leaves, sand pit, trampoline, snow, gardening and planting, cut grass play, path calking, hopping, large paper painting, jumping, wooden garden play house , outside messy play, living animals care ( snails and bug trapdoor ) chickens and collecting eggs, chicken coop care, dog and cat, tree climbing, walking, parachute play, elastic rope play, super size inflatables play, recycling duties.

Music and movement – includes all our musical instruments, song bags, travel cd activities, dance time , wii fit , music making with household objects, exercise time, baby massage, mini gymnastics and sports day events,