NCMA ( National Child Minders Association ) has changed it name, image and to some extent rewritten the rule book.

Pacey is here and its arrived with a bang, I’m sure everyone knows that Childminders have to follow very strict guidelines in relation providing the ultimate in standards of childcare but Pacey is like a complete breath of fresh air, Structured & Professional, Informative and Buttercup Lane Childminders are delighted and proud to be members of PACEY.

As we are Pacey members we are childminders that look after children and ensure we provide a safe and stimulating environment for all children that we care for.

Although every day will be different, our typical day may include visiting parks, museums, library or playgroups we do already arrange fun and stimulating learning activities, such as dressing-up, creative play, reading, and celebrating cultural events from around the world providing meals and snacks for the children, involving them in food preparation and menu choices taking children to and from school or clubs, working with parents as well as other local childminders to organise group activities.

See our Activities Section for just some of the fun days out that we have had and our activities to help develop each child’s learning process.