We believe that you get out of life what you put in and although our spare time is precious to us we do get involved with local good worthy causes.

Over the last few years we have been supporting Radio Aire, our local radio station –  fund raising efforts and initially this was for Mission Christmas.  In the beginning both Karl and Lia purchased one extra christmas present each and the next year this turned into a couple extra, this year we asked all our parents to bring an extra present. The reponse was over whelming and we took an enormous box of presents to Radio Aire for the Mission Christmas Appeal for under privilaged children in Leeds and Surrounding areas.

For the second year runing (May 2014 )  we have dusted off our capes and masks and this year we have supported Radio Aires, Cash for Kids – Super Hero Day.  All our parents where asked to bring their children in Super Hero outfits and asked to donate a little something for the cause.

All children where delivered and we started our celebrations of everything that we could think of that was Super Hero related, We made and decorated cakes, We coloured our favourite Super Hero, we made Masks and capes and we even had an hour or so role playing whilst everyone pretended to be Super Cool – Super Hero’s, well just for a day.

At about 1220 there was a little gathering of friends, neighbours and our wonderful customers and the anticipation started to build. There was something special about to happen and we had to wait just that little bit longer.

At 1235 there was an awsome noise in East Ardsley. The Radio Aire – Cash for Kids Monster Truck appeared on Meadowside Road only to drive passed the enterance to our courtyard.  Like a scene out of Only Fools and Horses,  I aka (Superman) went off for a run, as I got onto Buttercup Lane itself  I could see the back end of the Monster Truck turning the corner.  Was all the hype and the tension worth it.  Then…. KERPOW ….. As Karl started to pick up pace the Huge Monster truck can back into view.  With the cape swishing in the wind it really was worth every second of getting dressed up to have a laugh and raise some money for the Cash for Kids charity. The crew inside the monster truck where laughing their heads off at the sight of a Superman running towards them …… The door swung open and Superman was inside the Beast.

Inside the Truck there was the driver, a member of the Cash for Kids crew and a Radio Aire DJ Michael Blades, who had come in Super Hero gear – to say a Thankyou to Us at Buttercup Lane Childminders.

As the monster truck drove into our courtyard and approached the crowd it gave another roar of its horns, the noise was amazing and it made your heart thump. As it parked up we all jumped out of the truck in true Super Hero fashion.

What a sight this awesome machine was and we were completely overwhelmed at the size of the monster truck, something you really never get to see close up.

The Radio Aire presenter took the moment and explained that as a Thankyou to Buttercup Lane Childminders – In East Ardsley they had arranged for this special moment to happen. I was interviewed and recorded for broadcast later on in the day. They presented both Lia and I with a Super Hero cake we presented them with a Cheque for our fund raising efforts. The amount this time was £80 which is a massive amount of money for a very worth while cause.

After what seemed like a very long photoshoot to remember this very special occasion where all the children and parents got as many photos as we all needed – it was time for the Truck and the donations to go back to Radio Aire.

As another special treat I had arranged for one of our little Buttercups to be taken to East Ardsley Primary School in the monster truck as he was due to start school at 1230. ( Both his parent – who was in attendance – and the school knew that he would be late )

We glambored aboard and all got strapped in, with a blow of the air horns we said fairwell to the quite impressive gathering that had turned up now. Lia (Spiderwoman) was closely following in our Minibus to take even more photos outside East Ardsley Primary School.

The monster truck at the entrance to the school gates is one of pictures that just shows how huge this spectacle is.

The acting head teacher came out for our next on location photoshoot and although she was unaware of what we were doing we explained that we had been raising money for Cash for Kids Charity and she got in on the action.  Well played East Ardsley Primary School/

As we were there to drop one of our Buttercups at School I was taken into school and lead through a number of classrooms much to the delight of the school children. So if any of your children came home from school saying that they had seen Superman – please dont be too upset with them, it was Me ! East Ardsleys very own Super Hero Karl Stead – of Buttercup Lane Childminders.

Just for the record we both stayed in our Super Hero outfits for the rest of the day and I went on the school runs still dressed as Superman.  Everyone enjoyed the day and we did something pretty special, We enjoy our jobs and it shows, everyone should never loose their fun side and dressing up and having fun ain’t just for Children. We are all still kids at heart.


2017 : – Check out our Radio Aire – Cash for Kids – 500 faces dashboard – click here

#Aire500Faces  this year 2018 we are face #2

We are very proud supporters of Cash for Kids

We are very proud supporters of Cash for Kids